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Give your Business a much needed hike and boost by employing the services of bulk sms in Hyderabad services we are trying to unleash a new era by providing new and exclusive promotional SMS services by making use of latest technologies which in turn makes it possible to send bulk promotional sms to multiple users at a time.

Bulk SMS in Hyderabad is one of the leading and growing bulk service providers in Hyderabad headquartered at Hyderabad-India. With our promotional Bulk SMS services one can design, build and operate SMS campaign. We provide both premium and non-premium services for end to end users. We have more than 3000+ Clients in various industrials verticals

Our web based control panel is featured in such way that it helps you reach to your potential customers irrespective of time and place to drive more sales. At most care has been given in making our control panel user friendly. All the Necessary information like users mobile numbers, messages templates date and time of messages (schedule your messages) can be saved in your control panel to.

Features of our Bulk Promotional SMS Services:

Low Price:

We are noted for our quality service at really affordable price. We believe over quality over quantity and price. Our services are cheaper than any other service.

No Setup Fee:

We believe in service than profit so we just charge for the SMS you buy and nothing extra. No setup fee or extra money is demanded.

SMS Scheduling:

Don’t have to send sms everyday you can schedule your SMS for next one month.

Multi language SMS:

Don’t just limit your messages to English, our services gives you additional benefit of sending messages in all the regional languages so that you can get benefit of targeting local customers.

DND Filters

Our Control Panel has an inbuilt feature to filter all the DND numbers without losing any of your credits.

API Interfacing:

One can interconnect our Biometric services to our Bulk SMS Service to send SMS Dynamically.


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